Which Liquid Metal Is Used In Thermometer?

Mercury is a liquid metal with a high coefficients of expansion.

What liquids are used as thermometer liquids?

Mercury is sensitive to temperature changes because of its high coefficients of expansion. It’s used in thermometers because of this. Alcohol thermometers are used in cold regions because they have a low freezing point.

Why mercury is used in thermometer?

Mercury has a high coefficients of expansion so that even a small rise in temperature will cause enough expansion to be detected in the capillary of the calibrated part of the thermometer.

Which liquid is used in thermometer except mercury?

The mercury-filled thermometers can be used down to 70 C if you want to measure the minimum temperature.

What is red liquid in thermometer?

Mercury is grayish in color. Red dyed alcohol or mineral spirits are not mercury and can be found in your thermometer. These are more safe than mercury fever thermometers.

What are the two most common liquid used in thermometer?

Mercury and alcohol are in the liquid. It is said that a liquid like alcohol is a liquid thermometer and that it is used to measure temperature at places where mercury can’t be used.

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What is the black liquid in a thermometer?

Alcohol and a non-toxic compound can be used in newer non-digital fever thermometers. Do you know if the liquid in the thermometer is any different from silver? It’s most likely alcohol at this point.

Why can’t you use bromine in a thermometer?

The liquid at room temperature is called bromide. The mercury doesn’t stick to the walls of the capillary due to its low specific heat.

What happens if you keep thermometer in desert sand Why?

If it’s more than it’s capacity, the mercury will melt.

Which luminous substance is a thermometer?

There is a correct answer. Mercury can be found in liquid form throughout a wide range of temperatures, which is why it’s used in thermometers.

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