Which Computer Application Is An Example Of A Dbms?

There are many examples of database management systems. The underlying database model is sometimes referred to as the “Dms acronym.”

Which computer application is an example of a DBMS Brainly?

The answer is yes. The answer is that there are some examples of a database management system.

What application is example of database?

A database application can be used to store, retrieve, and process data. The user database that Facebook has is used to verify users when they log into their account.

What are 3 examples of a database?

There are a number of popular database software and database management systems.

Which one of these is not an example of DBMS?

There is a correct answer. Microsoft created a database management system called Microsoft SQL server. It is possible to deploy cloud-native applications with the help of theMySQL Database Service.

What is DBMS with real world example?

The railway reservation system has a role to play. Customer data such as name, mobile number, booking status, departure and arrival stations are stored in the database.

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What are the 4 types of database?

A database management system is one of the systems that can be used to manage business data.

What are the types of DBMS?

There are three main data models in the database management system. The data is logically separated from each other. graphical representations are used for the network data model. A tree-like structure is the basis of the Hierarchical data model.

What is the best example of database?

A Microsoft excel spreadsheet is an example of a desktop database program. Users can enter, store, protect, and retrieve data through these programs.

What is DBMS in Mcq?

The database management system is called the DBMS. The database management system allows authorized users to change or store the data.

Which type of computer application is Apple keynote?

Apple’s iWork Suite includes a presentation software application calledKeynote. Presentations, speech, and flashcards can be created with the help of users.

Which of the following is used to identify someone on the computer system uniquely?

The Internet is based on the principle of transferring information between computers. The “Internet Protocol address” is what each computer needs in order to do this. It is the same as a telephone number or street address.

Which of the following is used to copy data from one computer to another?

A good backup solution and an easy way to transfer data between computers are available with the use of a hard drive or thumb drive. It is possible to copy information from the drive to another computer.

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