How To Install Shift Kit Th350?

What does a shift kit do for a TH350?

There are many shift kits on the market. They all have the same components and are designed to improve shift performance by increasing line pressure, volume of fluid to the clutch packs, and timing of the shifts for less overlap and shorter shifts.

Are shift kits easy to install?

It’s fairly easy to install a shift kit. We hope the instructions for the kit are easy to read.

Is a shift kit good for a transmission?

The restrictive oil flow problems in the transmission’s valve body can be eliminated with shift kits. The results are shifts that are more firm.

Is a shift kit good for towing?

One of the cheapest modifications you can make to a tow vehicle that has an automatic transmission is to upgrade it to a shift kit.

How much HP is a TH350 good for?

The Stage 1 TH350 has a top speed of 450hp. The Stage 2 version of the car has a retail price of $1,500 and has a real world street price of $1,200 from most vendors. There is a standard one-year warranty on the transmissions.

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Does a TH350 need a kickdown cable?

Other than the convenience of automatic downshifts into passing gear at highway speeds, there is no need for a kickdown cable on those transmissions.

How much does it cost to install a gear shift?

Depending on the make and model of your car, the cost of replacing a gear shift cable can be different. The average cost of labor and parts is $300. Some models are less expensive than others.

Is a short throw shifter worth it?

Every gear shift gets better with the upgrade to a short throw shift. Finding the right shift is the most important thing you can do to affect your driving experience. Every time you drive your car, make it a little better by changing the gears.

Do short shifters damage transmissions?

It is not possible to say yes. The factory shift would have stressed the transmission if a well-designed, correctly installed short throw shifter had been used. The lever arm geometry of the transmission can be changed by a short throw shift.

Will a shift kit make a transmission last longer?

An automatic transmission shift kit can be used to change the transmission’s shift timing in order to increase shift firmness.

Does shifting without the clutch damage the transmission?

The most skillful drivers can shift non-synchronous transmissions without using the clutch if they bring the engine to neutral before attempting to complete the shift. The transmission can be damaged or destroyed if it is done wrong.

Is it better to shift without clutch?

If it’s done correctly, shifting your car without using the clutch isn’t a problem. Smooth shifts should not be expected when using the clutch pedal. If you try this in your car, you will hear grinding until you do it right.

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Does towing hurt transmission?

There is a risk of damage to manual transmissions if the vehicle is towed. The vehicles should be towed out of neutral. Automatic transmissions don’t disengage when the vehicle is neutral and towing could cause the transmission to move in the wrong direction.

Does tow haul hurt transmission?

The extra weight of a trailer or a heavy load in the cargo hold requires the engine, transmission, and brakes to work harder, which can cause a serious workout for your vehicle’s powertrain and braking system.

What is the point of a shift kit?

It is a part of a manual transmission car that is used to replace the stock gear selector. A shift kit shortens the throws of selecting a gear in order to allow a driver to change gears more quickly.

What does a shift improver kit do?

By eliminating restrictive oil flow controls in the transmission’s valve body, it will allow the transmission to shift more firmly and reduce slippage and shift overlap.

What does a quick shift kit do?

There is no need to adjust the clutch or throttle before or after a gear shift. The rider is able to stay focused on the road since it is easier to change gears with the quick shift.

What is the purpose of a shift rail?

The shift lever and fork are connected by shift rails. The shift fork that’s attached to the synchronizer is moved by the shift rail. It is possible to change two-speed gears with the help of a synchronizer. There are three shift rails in most five-speed transmissions.

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