How Does Candy’s Dog Represent Candy Himself?

Candy is an old man and the effects of getting older are represented by her dog. Readers can understand how Candy might feel if they learn about his dog’s condition. Candy and his dog are extensions of one another, each with handicaps that affect their usefulness and well-being.

How does Candy’s dog symbolize candy?

Candy’s dog is a representation of the fate awaiting anyone who has outlived their purpose in life. Candy’s dog is no longer useful on the ranch because it is debilitated by old age.

How does candy resemble his dog?

Candy is described by his dog, a drag-footed sheep dog, with pale, blind old eyes. Candy’s relationship with his dog is similar to George’s relationship with Lennie, both of which are antidotes to loneliness. Unlike his dog, Candy is old and weak.

What does the killing of Candy’s dog symbolize?

The death of Candy’s dog in John Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ shows that there is no place for sentimental feelings in the lives of ranch workers. George states in the novel that men who work on ranches are the most lonely of all men.

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What comparison does candy make between his dog and himself?

Candy compares his condition to that of his dog. The theme of responsibility is reinforced by this. Candy can relate to his dog’s failing appearance because he can’t use his arm. Candy feels that his dog is not useful.

Why does candy wish he killed his dog himself?

Candy allowed Carlson to kill the dog because she didn’t want him to die. Candy regretted not killing his dog himself because he didn’t want someone else to kill it. He wanted the dog to know it was the best thing for him.

What does candy symbolize?

Steinbeck can discuss social discrimination based on age and handicap. Candy is a representation of what happens to old people in America.

What did Candy say about his dog?

Candy admitted to George and Lennie that he should have shot the dog himself, and that he regretted allowing a stranger to do it. Candy tells George that he should have shot that dog himself.

Which statement best describes Candy’s reaction to the death of his dog?

Candy had a reaction to his dog’s death. He is happy that the dog is gone.

What is the most important symbol in Of Mice and Men?

Candy’s dog is an old sheep dog that has outlived its usefulness. Carlson took the dog and shot it, despite Candy’s love for the dog. The fate of the weak is represented by the dog of Candy. Candy thinks he will be killed when he’s no longer strong.

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How is Candy’s relationship with his dog reflective?

Candy and his dog have been together for a long time. George and Lennie have been best friends for a long time, and Candy’s relationship with his dog is a reflection of that.

What did Candy say about his dog?

Candy regrets allowing a stranger to shoot the dog and admits that he should have shot it himself. Candy tells George that he should have shot that dog.

What does Candy’s dog foreshadow?

The fate of Candy’s ancient dog, which Carlson shoots in the back of the head in an alleged act of mercy, is related to the manner in which Lennie’s death was carried out. Candy abdicates the responsibility of putting her dog out of his misery when Carlson suggests it.

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