8 Best Viola Case

Gator Cases Adagio Series EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for 16 – 16.5” Viola; (GC-VIOLA16-23)

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Gator Viola Case (GC-VIOLA16-23)

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Protec Viola MAX Shaped Case, Fits Violas 16 to 16.5″ In Body Length, Model MX016

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Protec Viola MAX Shaped Case, Fits Violas 15 to 15.5″ In Body Length, Model MX015

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Gator Cases Adagio Series EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for 16 – 16.5” Viola; (GC-VIOLA16-23)

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Protec Tec PS2165DLX Deluxe Viola PRO PAC Case, Black

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MI&VI Viola Case Lightweight 4.5lb Sturdy travel Case 15.5 inch & 16 inch With Reflective Safety Strips | Adjustable Shoulder Straps | Hard-Shell | High-Density Foam – By MIVI Music (15.5 & 16 inch)

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Protec A227 Violin / Viola / Cello Bow Case ,Black

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What size is a viola case?

The interior dimensions are 26.5″ x 26.5″ and the front side pocket is 7.5″ x 15″.

Is a 14 inch viola full size?

Violins can be up to 4 inches longer than violas. The viola has no standard size, but the most frequently made viola body is 16” long. It’s less common for these sizes to be more common.

How long is a viola case?

If you have a viola with a unique length, you may want to look at an adjusted case. There are many non-adjustable cases that come in 15 to 17 inches. If you have a viola that’s 15.75” you can consider a case that’s adjusted between 15” and 17”

What is the difference between a violin and a viola?

The violin is a prominent solo or melody instrument because of its clear notes. The viola’s tone is mellower than the cello’s, but it still produces lower notes. The viola is a good balancer between the string instruments.

Is a 14 viola the same size as a 4 4 violin?

The 14 inch viola’s are the same size as the 4/4 violin. They used to be used as a small child’s size. The distances between the fingers are the same, so it’s easy to play viola with them. The smallest violas are 15 and 16 inches.

Is a 14 inch viola the same as a full size violin?

The violin and viola have different sizes. The violin is small compared to the viola. The violin has a body that is about 14 inches long. The viola is as large as 18 inches long.

Do larger violas sound better?

The bigger the viola, the louder it would sound. Many violas don’t play by the rules anymore. Modern violas will produce a full, rich tone regardless of their size, as long as the instrument is large.

What size viola do most adults play?

Large-sized violas are suitable for most adults and can be found in the 16 and 1612 inch range.

What is the best size viola for sounding?

Even though it is easier to make a good sounding viola if it is over 16 inches long, there is a greater choice of instruments of this size.

Is viola worth it?

The viola is a good instrument. It’s a stringed instrument, so it beats most other instruments. There is a certain elegance and grace to the string instruments.

Why is it called a viola?

The Italian language has the word viola in it’s name. The Italian word for ‘of the arm’ is viola da braccio. The Italians used the word “Brazzo” for the viola, and the Germans used it as “Brasche”.

Is viola harder to play than violin?

There are a lot of reasons to play the viola over the violin. The viola is more difficult to play than the violin because of the technical challenges.

Is viola harder to learn than violin?

The viola is not as easy to play as the violin. The viola has a larger size and heavier weight.

What are the dimensions of a violin case?

There are available sizes with dimensions and weights. The weight is 7 lbs. The length is 29′′ and the width is 9′′.

What size is viola sound post?

There is a sound post. The soundpost for viola is the first quality one. The diameter is 7mm and the length is 10 cm.

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