8 Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves

Rawlings | Player Preferred Glove Series | Baseball/Slowpitch Softball | Multiple Styles

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Miken Player Series, Slowpitch Softball Glove (Sizes 13″ – 15″)

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Mizuno Techfire Slowpitch Softball Series | Hybrid Construction | Leather Plus EVA

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Miken Pro Series Slowpitch Softball Glove

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Easton PRIME Slowpitch Softball Glove Series | Sizes 12.5″ – 14″

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PHINIX 14″ Slowpitch All Pigskin Softball Gloves

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What glove to get for slow pitch softball?

Slow Pitch Gloves range from 12.00 inches to 15.00 inches and have pockets that are tailor made to catch a softball.

Is there a difference between slowpitch and fastpitch softball gloves?

There is aposition. There is a big difference between pitchers and catchers. The hitter can’t see the pitcher’s grip on the ball because the pitcher has a closed web on his glove. This is not required in slowpitch as the pitch is always fairly similar.

Do you use a glove in slow pitch softball?

The catcher’s mitt is not the only one used in slow pitch softball. They’re able to use a utility mitt or a fielder’s glove. They are not trying to catch a ball that is travelling fast.

What size slow pitch glove do I need?

Depending on the age of the player, gloves will range between 11 and 12 for youth and 13 and 12 for older players. In an adult rec league, infielder’s gloves will average between 12” and 13”

What is not allowed in slow pitch softball?

Base stealing is not allowed. The base runner has to stay on the base until the ball hits them. Runners are not allowed to advance if the ball is hit in the field of play or if a batter is walking. S8 is related to S8.

What color gloves can pitchers not use?

The pitcher’s glove can not be white, gray, or in the judgement of an umpire, in any way. A fielding glove that is within a PANTONE® color set lighter than the current 14-series will not be used by a fielder.

How do I know my softball glove size?

Measure from the tip of your index finger to the start of your wrist to get the right size. It is important that your glove has a snug fit. If you don’t think you can grow into a bigger size, choose a smaller one.

Are white gloves illegal in softball?

There are a variety of designs and colors for gloves and mittens. If the color of the ball is not one of the colors used, does not have markings that give the appearance of the ball, or is made in a manner that is judged distraction by the umpire, it is not allowed for use in NFHS Softball.

What is a pancake glove in softball?

The Infield Training Glove requires a fielder to use two hands to make a play. The proper defensive mechanics and soft hands can be developed with the help of pancake gloves. The players of all ages are welcome. Only the right hand throw is available at this time.

What size softball do girls slowpitch use?

A softball with a diameter of 3.5 inches is used by 10 and under teams. A softball with a diameter of 3.8 inches is used by 11 and up age teams.

Does the bat matter in slow pitch softball?

Roughly 25 to 30 ounces is the weight of a slow pitch bat. You can use a bigger bat if you want to hit the ball hard since you have more time to react.

Can you steal in slow pitch softball?

This is the first thing. It is against the law to steal. Runners are allowed to leave the base if the pitch is hit. If the runner is off the base before the pitch gets to the plate, the umpire will not call a game.

What size glove for slowpitch softball outfield?

Softball outfielders ages 13 and older should look for a glove that is between 12 and 13 inches, while youth outfielders should look for a glove that is between 12 and 13 inches. If you are in an adult rec league, look for gloves that are between 13 and 14.

Can you use a baseball first base glove for slow pitch softball?

It is possible to use a baseball glove for softball. Don’t forget to think about the baseball glove you already own and the role you will play on the slow pitch field.

What size glove should a softball pitcher use?

Because the ball is 11 inches in diameter, youth pitcher’s gloves should be between 11 and 12 inches in diameter. In slow pitch, players should look at gloves that are at least 13′′ in diameter.

Is a 12 inch glove to small for softball?

Softball players under the age of 8 should be given 9” to 11” for general guidance. Softball players between the ages of 10 and 14 are required to wear 10” to 12” cleats. For softball players in high school or beyond, the measurement is between 11 and 13 inches.

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